Friday, August 27, 2010

NPR Covers Trader Joe's Secrecy

"The cover of the current issue of Fortune Magazine features a company that maintains cult-like secrecy. Beth Kowitt, who spent two months investigating the quirky but very successful grocery chain Trader Joe's, talks to Renee Montagne about what she's learned. While most grocery stores emphasize quantity, Trader Joe's stocks just a few carefully selected varieties of each item -- usually under its own label."

Listen to the NPR Story, too!

Trader Joes Continues to deny there's slavery in their supply chain!

Check out the full awesome coverage by Chelsea Now

They write:

During the height of the protest, Chelsea Now entered Trader Joe’s to elicit a statement from the manager. Although she was very polite — almost apologetic — she said she was not allowed to talk to the press, nor could her employees or customers, but Chelsea Now was welcome to speak to the latter once they had exited the store and were away from the entrance. Efforts to speak to customers entering or exiting proved difficult. They either ran past with their heads down or eyes beamed ahead, or they murmured “no comment.” It is not known if the protest impacted customer sales....

The day after the protest, Chelsea Now contacted Alison Mochizuki, Trader Joe’s national public relations director, and requested comments on the company’s position regarding fair labor practices for farmworkers, thoughts about the protest and asked if they were planning to sign an agreement with the CIW. Mochizuki replied that day with an almost identical statement given previously, as reported in the newspaper on Aug. 11. She repeated, “At Trader Joe’s, we work with reputable suppliers that have a strong record of providing safe and healthy work environments and we will continue to make certain that our vendors are meeting if not exceeding government standards throughout all aspects of their businesses. At this time, I have no additional comments.”

Student Farmworker Alliance Sets Focus on Supermarkets!

A note from SFA:

Hello everyone!

Over the course of the past 16 months, all of you have been involved in the Student/Farmworker Alliance's Dine with Dignity campaign -- be it by requesting and distributing buttons on your campus, participating in one of SFA's network-wide conference calls, coordinating your own local organizing effort or otherwise. It's because of all of your efforts that we're able to write you with some very special and exciting news: just yesterday, Sodexo became the fourth leading food service provider (after Bon App├ętit, Compass and Aramark) to sign an agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to improve farmworker wages and working conditions!

This victory marks the successful conclusion of our Dine with Dignity campaign, and brings the number of corporations partnering with the CIW to nine, but though this chapter in our organizing has come to a close, we're not done yet. In the words of the CIW:

"...with today's great news from Sodexo, the Campaign for Fair Food completes its first decade -- with the support of the vast majority of the fast-food and foodservice industries now behind us -- and turns to the supermarket industry. This coming season, the battle for the future of Florida's farmworkers will be joined in the produce aisles of your local grocer."

Just as all of you played an integral role in bringing all of this country's leading food service providers to sit at the table with farmworkers, so too can you be a part of encouraging your local supermarket chain to do the same. It's now time for companies such as Publix, Ahold (parent company of Stop & Shop and Giant), Kroger, Trader Joe's and Wal-Mart to also come to the table.

You can started today by downloading the Supermarket Manager Letter, signing it and delivering it your store's manager. (Click here for a map showing which of these corporations operate supermarkets in your area.) You can also contact us for more ideas on how to get involved, including receiving a free batch of supermarket postcards. If you're on Facebook, check out the CIW's page.

Company by company we're building a path towards a better world for farmworkers and consumers alike. We hope you'll join us!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Democracy Now! coverage of Trader Joe's Action, Links To other articles; Details of upcoming events

Plus make sure you check out these report backs:

Trader Joe's Protest Produces Distracted Shopping


Come Join Us and Support Farmworkers’ Human Rights!
for FAIR FOOD NYC’S Trader Joe’s Campaign
638 6th Street
New York, NY 10009 212.677.1863

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Traitor Joes! End Modern Day Slavery in Your Fields!

Trader Joe's Protest
Thursday, August 19, 6pm

In front of the Chelsea store
6th Ave & W 21st Street

Help inform consumers about abuses against farmworkers
Push Trader Joe's to join an agreement to end abuse and modern day slavery.

Special Musical Guests RUDE MECHANICAL ORCHESTRA will let everyone inside and within a 3 block radius know what we're about!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

August 11th- Organizing Meeting for Community Farmworker Alliance

A lot has happened in the last month and things are heating up with supporting the Coalition of Immokalee Workers! We even have a new name! Community Farmworker Alliance

Come out to our next organizing meeting to get involved in this exciting campaign!

7pm at the Murphy Institute
18th Floor
25 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036-7410