Saturday, October 16, 2010

CIW Mega-Victory and Community Farmworker Alliance NYC retreat update


This week is one of great celebrating in Immokalee and for all allies of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers! One of the largest tomato growers: Pacific Growers has signed on to work with the CIW. This is a huge step in the Campaign for Fair Food! Even the freaking Wall Street Journal is covering this!

The CIW also launched their new supermarket campaign with a must-view video highlighting the relationships between the tomatoes in your grocery store and farmworker exploitation.

On the heels of this amazing victory in Immokalee, Community/Farmworker Alliance NYC is excited to announce the major developments that came out of an all-day strategy retreat last weekend!

At this much-needed retreat, we set some dates for upcoming actions and events. Importantly, we also set up a working group structure. These working groups will make it easier for more people to be involved at levels they're interested in. The next note will have more info about how to get involved!

But, first here are upcoming important dates to mark!

October 16th
- We'll be at the Brooklyn Trader Joes at noon to give a penny to Trader Joe's cashiers and demand that they pay an extra penny per pound to their farmworkers!! Read more here!

October 23rd-
CFA fundraiser show and dance party featuring Ryan Harvey, Born in a Cent, Majesty, Bell's Roar and Dj AndaLaLucha at the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective. Come by early at 6pm for a potluck and to learn what the Community Farmworker Alliance NYC is doing and how you can get more involved. 478 Austin Place, South Bronx.

January TBD- Northeast Encuentro Meet CIW allies from across the Northeast in NYC for a weekend of discussion, learning and strategizing about the struggle for fair food and building a more just world!

February 26- GIANT ACTION with CIW members and allies from Boston to Quincy, Massachusetts to protest at Ahold (another mega-grocery chain) headquarters!

Take Care,
The Community/Farmworker Alliance NYC