Saturday, October 23, 2010

Join a CFA Working Group!


Hello to all of our wonderful allies in the NYC area. We thank you for coming to our actions and teach-ins and supporting the Campaign for Fair Food. We know many of you have been wondering how you can get more involved with this work and now is your chance. The NYC Community Farmworker Alliance has just restructured and we now have clearly established working groups. With these new working groups there is a formalized way for you to use your talents, develop new skills, avoid going to too many long drawn out meetings, all while supporting the amazing work of the Coalition of Immokalee workers. We would love to have YOU join one of our working groups and be a part of the NYC Community Farmworker Alliance.

All you have to do is write to the contact of the group or groups you're interested in and they'll tell you all you need to know! Also, there is no set time commitment required for these working groups as some activities can take one hour, and others many months.

Please feel free to write us at if you have any questions!

Learn how to write press releases, use social media for the power of the people, correspond with press people and also do audio, video or photo documentation our awesome events. If you have multimedia communications experience we would love to have you join this group. If you are interested in acquiring these skills there will be training opportunities within this working group and you can learn to be a dope community journalist while supporting the campaign for fair food.
CONTACT: Andalusia at

Campaigns: Learn about and help us expand the NYC Campaign for Fair Food targeting the Supermarket Industry. Plan and promote actions and stay connected with national movement for fair food! Strategize and gain skills for event and action planning and building momentum!
CONTACT: Charlene at

Outreach and Education:
Work together to plan and present popular education workshops, produce bilingual Spanish and English flyers, documents and other educational materials. Make connections and develop relationships with other NYC social justice organizations to strengthen our movement at large. Great place to learn about the the CIWs work, develop presentation skills, do research and make contacts with NYC organizations !
CONTACT: Lupe at

Fundraising: Help make us some cash money to support the work of our group by holding fundraisers, writing grants and making cool merch! No experience necessary! We'll teach you the skills you need!
CONTACT: Audrey at

Organizational Development: Help plan a regional gathering of CIW allies, help orient new CFA members and plan trainings for the group to increase our skills!